Silent Flow

The Silencer - Suction Filter
This device combines the functions of sound attenuation and filtration. The centrally positioned cartridge guarantees that the gas being conveyed remains free of contamination in the event of the absorbent lining of the silencer being destroyed.

The Silencer Base
Resting on anti-vibration mounts that filter out dynamic forces, supports the suction filter, blower and motor assembly. The design is all metal to ensure broad spectrum sound attenuation without any risk of polluting the downstream process.

The Discharge Assembly
Comprising a reversible pipe equipped with a works-calibrated safety valve and an isolatable pressure gauge, and finally fitted with a non-return valve and a flexible connector. As an option, a vacuum starting valve can be supplied.

Starting Valve
Not necessary for blowers fitted with frequency variation motors, this device is recommended for blowers driven by electric motors controlled by a star-delta starter.

Non-Return Valve
Made of aluminum and silicon these valves are totally corrosion-proof. The full bore minimizes pressure losses.

Oil Change
The blowers come with an oil change system consisting of two plugs with internal pistons and safety caps (one per housing). A drainpipe is also supplied with the blower. It is attached to the silencer base by means of a flexible attachment.